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Throughout my years as a translator, I have worked with a very wide range of text types and subjects. When it comes to translating legal contracts or that budget report, I can refer you to specialised colleagues. But if your text requires technological expertise or snappy marketing copy you're on the right track with Mgo Translation Services.

Enlist my services for any

you might need for your presence on the German market. I have extensive experience and reference materials on IT, medical technology, energy and many more subjects. Where marketing is concerned, trust me to be your linguistic partner who makes sure that your

hit the mark and get the intended message across.

Why prefer a one-man translation business over a big agency?

Working with Mgo Translation Services has a number of advantages. As many SMEs that take on the giants know, the small, swift mover can gain an edge with flexible solutions and personal service. You have probably put a lot of effort into your text and want to make ensure the person working on it can get in touch with you directly — if need be on the phone. Many agencies send out their jobs to translators they don't know personally and don't have native speakers in-house to check the quality. And with all that at a higher rate, you might want to consider the small contender.

A strong interest in new topics and the right research techniques go a long way towards helping a translator get the facts right. Getting the linguistic side right is the other challenge. Living in England for over 3 years has allowed me to see the bigger picture. It's not just language that separates different nations, but also social norms and the way that people look at issues.