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Text Editing/Proofreading

Not sure whether your German text strikes the right chord? Want to make sure the spelling and grammar are immaculate? Small slip-ups picked up by the reader can subconsciously work against you. All that work that went into your product and the collateral material … don’t let your efforts be scuppered by copy that leaves the reader in doubt. Have an expert go over it and add that finishing touch that could make the difference.

Terminology Management

Now… should that be “WiFi-Netz” or “WLAN” in German? Is either acceptable? Are you sure…? Accurate and consistent terminology is crucial. Be it for your customer-facing staff, your documentation or your marketing. All the wording a specialist or discerning consumer would expect must be there; accurately and consistently. I research and verify your German terminology to make sure it is.

Interpreting Services

The language barrier should not stall your verbal communication with that important client. Whether on the phone or on-site, you want to ensure everything is discussed comfortably and in detail with no information going lost. I’m here to liaise, should the language skills on both sides not be sufficient.